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A Fair-Weather Pilot's Experience in a 737 Simulator

I've been interested in flying since I was a kid. I took my first flying lesson when I was 14 in a Cessna 150 and soloed in a Piper Tomahawk a few years later. Even though I'm only a fair-weather, single engine pilot, I've always wondered what would happen if both pilots became incapacitated on a large jet like a 737. Could I land the plane? A few years ago, when I was visiting Australia in Sydney, I decided to find out. I booked a few hours in a 737-800 simulator, and am pleased to report that I didn’t crash the plane! I successfully took off, flew, and landed the plane several times at the place where I learned to fly – Republic Airport in Farmingdale New York. This video shows me landing and doing a touch-and-go in the daytime with snow on the ground, and my final successful landing at night in a snowstorm. So, if you're ever worried about the crew up front eating spoiled fish for dinner, you can relax if I'm sitting with you in the back of the plane!


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