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Hey there, I'm Brock, and you guessed it, I love to travel! Journeying far and wide has been part of my DNA for as long as I can remember. When my maternal grandmother Carmeta was a young woman (just 28 years-old), she embarked on an epic road trip from New York to Los Angeles in 1919 - with her grandmother along for the ride! Amazingly, she took this cross-country road trip seven years before Route 66 was established.  The journey was far from easy, but she persevered throughout the month-long crossing.  Along the way, she documented her experiences in a diary, which was later published by the Automobile Club of America.  Inheriting that love of travel, I opened a travel agency on Long Island in the 1980s.  During that same decade I also established a television production company that went on to produce programs for ABC, PBS, The Travel Channel, Discovery, and A&E.  I was also creator and executive producer of the only game show that was all about travel – The Great Getaway Game Starring Wink Martindale.

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I eventually sold the travel agency, as well as the television production company, and now spend my free time traveling around the country, and around the world.  I’ve traveled the entire length of Route 66 twice, as well as having driven alone across the desolate outback through the Red Centre in Australia.  But whether it’s a challenging road trip, an awe-inspiring cruise through the fjords of Norway, or flying on the supersonic Concorde (thanks to my travel agency I got to fly on it twice), it’s always been fun and always an adventure. I like to share my experiences with others, and frequently travel with family and friends, helping them experience the thrill and joy of travel.


Nowadays I’m on the road traveling more than 200 days a year and loving every minute.  Travel is my hobby, and that’s why this website is free of charge, free of my earning commissions on the places I recommend, and free of advertisements. My goal is not to make any money from my travel experiences.  I simply want to share a few tips I’ve learned, reviews of places I’ve been, and share videos of the places I’ve visited, as together we explore the world and hopefully all become more “clueful” travelers. 

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