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Florida - KSC Explore Tour

Florida – The Kennedy Space Center Explore Tour: A Disappointing Experience

I recently took my 8-year-old nephew on the Kennedy Space Center Explorer Tour in the hopes of giving him a behind-the-scenes look at one of America's most iconic space exploration facilities. So, imagine my surprise when, less than ten minutes into the tour, my nephew turned to me and said, "This is boring." And I had to agree with him. Unfortunately, when we boarded the bus, we took seats on the right side of the bus. Big mistake. As we soon discovered, literally all the iconic sights could only be seen from the left side of the bus. It would have been nice if the tour guide warned me as I was boarding that, with a small child, we should be sitting on the left side of the bus. My nephew literally saw nothing but green vegetation for the entire tour. In addition, the “space expert” tour guide related stories that could only be of interest to much older visitors who remembered both the Apollo and Shuttle missions. For an 8-year-old there were too many stories that were not particularly interesting. Finally, just looking at several empty launchpads elevates the boredom. The main difference between the extra cost “Explore Tour” and the free tour of “behind the scenes” at KSC, is that the Explore Tour makes a couple of stops where you can get off the bus and take photos. At one of those stops we were standing on an elevated platform, looking at launchpad 39A, which was still quite a distance away. The problem was that at that distance, my nephew couldn’t even see where the launchpad was, mainly because there was no rocket on the pad.

So if you're considering taking the Kennedy Space Center Explore Tour with young children, I would urge you to think twice. It’s just not worth the extra expense, and definitely not worth it if you’re on the wrong side of the bus! Unless you're someone who’s really into space travel, and remembers the Apollo and Shuttle missions, I’d skip this tour and save the money. There are a lot more interesting thing to do at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

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